Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Bracelets for Jenna, Nikki and Jolina. Sent bracelets to Bobbie, Alyssa, Katie and Robin. They were just tooo cute

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Long!!

OMG it is hard to believe that I have not blogged since 5/21/09. We have been in Parachute, CO since 5/29/09. Tom's summer job is getting ready to wind down and we should be back on the road headed south 10/29/09. Great summer - have taken several quilting classes. I will post picutres of projects that I have completed over the summer. I have 4 new friends - Mary from Texas, Sherrie from Arkansas, Suzie from Louisiana and Sheryl from Oregon. I taught them all how to bead bracelets and we made scarecrows, wallets and purses. So much fun. Everyone has left except for myself and Sheryl so will wind down a few projects this week and started packing to head to WARMER weather.

Stay tuned.......

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Oh my gosh - cannot believe that my last post date was 4/30/09. Wow!!! How time flies.

We arrived in Winnemucca, NV on the 6th of May. Spent a simply wonderful week with my sister Jolina & family. Had soooo much fun. Went to Jenna's art show at school - Nikki had a track meet while we were there. Had a great dinner at the NEW Winnemucca Pizzeria (great food!!!!)

On Monday 5/11 did an overnight er to Carson City so that Tom could get his eyes checked for his welding inspector certification and he failed the test due to cataracts!!!! Arrived in Carson on the 15th to spend a month so that we can get the eyes taken care of.

Monday 5/18 had lunch with our friends Berta & Glen - we met them in El Centro, CA and found out that they lived here in Carson City.

Tom had his right eye done on the 20th and the left eye will be on the 3rd of June. Once that is taken care of we will be heading to Colorado.

We have assisted Carol Sheeks family in remodeling her kitchen - what a chore we have painted, Tom became an electrician, assisted with tiling the back splash around the stove and sink.

This afternoon will go to over to my nephew Paul's for dinner. Bobbie & Craig are in town so will spend the afternoon with them. Friday will have lunch with Robin, Bobbie, Craig, Tom & myself. Saturday Bobbie, Robin and myself will go to Reno to see the musical "Menopause" should be a great afternoon.

I did not realize how much I missed blogging until I started again today. Thanks for listening - stay tuned for more of our adventures.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Salina, KS

I cannot believe that it is 4/29 and it has been 9 days since I blogged last. Here is a very quick update on our happenings.

We went thru a tornado watch when we were in Cabella, FL - then Biloxi, MS - well we went thru our 3rd tornado watch in Guthrie, TX. I talked with my sister Robin yesterday morning, I told her that we were headed north into Kansas and she said do not go north go east or west. Well this AM we went north. We hit lots and lots of rain out of just before Wichita KS for about an hour and then it cleared up. We are now in Salina, KS and it is really quite nice. We arrived around 3pm, set up a few things went for a drive - this is quite an old town. Very impressive - about 40,000 population.

4/21 & 22 we stayed in Caddo Mills, TX visited with our friends Katherine & Nel Nelson. We met them in the summer of 2005 in Bayfield, CO and have kept in contact so stopped by to say hi. Nel was in rehab center due to a shoulder replacement. He is 82 years young and doing as well as he can for his age.

4/23 & 25 stayed in Grapevine RV Park in Grapevine, TX what a cute town the RV park sat on a lake. It was very cold and very windy. We then spent 4/26 & 27 in the Iovnelli's backyard. This is also a couple that we met in Bayfield, CO we spent hours and hours playing hand & foot while we were in CO so they could not wait to get things set up and start playing. Again, very cold windy & rainy. But we had a great time.

4/28 & 29 stayed at Pioneer RV Park in Guthrie, TX - 3rd tornado watch - Yikes!!!! I am so very thankful that we do not live in this area. I just do not see how you could live always fearing tornadoes. Oh well.

OK so today we are in Salina, KS. Tomorrow head to Hayes, KS (60 miles what a long day!!!!) to spend 2 days with friends Chuck & Bettye Etzel. They used to live in Carson City just up the street from us. They left Carson 2002 to live on a family farm.

So stay tuned. I have pics to download but am running out of time as Survivor is on in 6 minutes.

Hope you enjoy by blog as much as I enjoy writing.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Natchitoches, LA

We left NOLA at 7a.m. (we had to be out of the park by 7a.m. due to paving of their road). YUK!!! As our normal start time is around 10 a.m. Anyway, we arrived Natchitoches (Nat-i-chek). Nice town - LA State University North Campus is here.

I still sell BeautiControl Cosmetics and have acquired a few orders so thought I would put them together and mail from here. Well I arrive at the local "Mailbox, Etc." with packages in hand and asked how would I like them to go. I stated regular post so she weights my packages (3) and tells me my bill is $8.36 "I said for all three" and she says "$8.36" with no other explanation, so I handed her my CC and wala my packages are in her hand - well I sent two to Carson City and one to Las Vegas. After we walked out Tom stated "are they going by slow boat to China" I laughed and said I just could not get any more information out of her so I paid for them. I called my sister Bobbie and said OK your package is in the mail TODAY please let me know how many days it takes to get to you. I really wanted them to go Priority Mail but we will see how long it takes. You have to laugh - she was a cute southern university student with very limited clothing on and a guy came in to mail a package and she made him so nervous that he was dropping things, knocking packages over - Oh well to be young again!!??

We venture back to the RV park walked the cats, just finished a crab salad and settle in to watch a little TV.

We head for Dallas, TX tomorrow. More to come.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Destin, Fl - Biloxi, MS

Destin, FL our 5 star RV park. Great place one block from the beach, however it was never really warm enough to sit on the beach. It was very very windy as well.

I was going to do a load of wash - went to get the sorted clothes and turned around and here was my Cuddles taking a nap in the washer. That is really really cute, however this is a combination washer/dryer and once you close the door and start the wash it locks and you CANNOT get it open. Thank goodness it is a small washer and you can see BEFORE you close the door.

This was BBQ place that was at the entrance of the RV park that we stayed at in Biloxi, MS. Does not look very good buy OMG was it great food. It was featured on the food network's "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives" Also was part of the "Bama Que" on the food network challenge. The Shed Barbeque & Bluesjoint.

These are carvings that were done in the medium of the highway in Biloxi, MS. There were live oak trees that were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. These were sculpted by a very famous saw sculpture.

This is the Memorial for Hurricane Katrina. The live oak tree is over 200 years old. There was a glass enclosure that had dolls, jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. that had been recovered during the clean up. This town has come along way but has alot more to do. You would drive down the highway and there would be a building either restored or destroyed and then you would have 5 lots that had homes or building and they were totally gone.
The last night that we were in Biloxi there was Tornado watches up for the area. There was downpour of rain and the wind was very very strong. We pulled in one of our slides just to be on the safe side. The tornadoes went north and all was well. That was close!!!!
I have several more pictures and will download them to Picasa. We have been in New Orleans since Monday and have visited 7 plantations, ate at a very very local diner and had red beans & rice & sausage. Stay tuned for our adventures in NOLA.
Becky thanks so much for your help with the pics!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Biloxi, MS

OK I have been sitting here for the last 2 hours trying desperately to upload pictures to my posting and cannot seem to get there.

I always seem to try to do this when I have very little time to play and explore. Can any of my followers please give me insight and help as to how to do this.

We will be leaving here in the a.m. and heading to New Orleans. I have great things to tell you about Biloxi but do not want to do it without the pics that go along with it.

The devastation from the 2005 Katrina Hurricane is still lingering in this town. The beaches have been restored but the buildings across from the beach are either gone, demolished or in the process of being rebuilt.

I will upload the pics just as soon as I can figure it out. We have beautiful pics and stories to share.